My Story

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Linda Coleman NP.WDTC.WNSC. has over 30 years experience in the natural healthcare field.

While rearing her large family she became increasingly dissatisfied with mainstream healthcare. The more her family and she used the prescribed treatments, the sicker they became. So Linda realized that she needed to become educated in alternative natural healthcare and was amazed how much more effective it is. She continues to keep up with the latest methods, tools, and techniques in natural medicine. 

The most recent thing she learned is that to be truly healthy, she must first love herself. She discovered that she had been living without truly loving herself for 40 years. Now she can fully love herself and in return love her family completely without judgement. It has been a marvellous life changing process. Now that her family is thriving, she wants to pay it forward by sharing her vast experience to help others live healthier happier lives. 

Certified by the International Training Institute of Health